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Risk the Fall Lyric Framed

limited run of 25 hand written, numbered & signed renditions of Risk The Fall... They are framed as pictured, with 4x6 frame (post card size)


All By My Lonesome - 2009

James Hunnicutt's debut CD. With the haunting voice of a fallen angel, he bleeds his heart & soul into 10 songs of loneliness, one night stands, hope, break ups, love & murder that make up "All By My Lonesome".

All By My Lonesome Review From: Moloich Photography:

1. You Left Me Here All Alone
2. To Wait Here And Want You 'Til I Die
3. The Liar's Truce
4. Risk The Fall
5. Blood Line
6. Side By Side
7. Should You Dig My Grave Tonight
8. Good For You, Good Riddance & Goodbye
9. Forever An Open Door
10. One Last Kiss

99 Lives - 2011

A dark & heartfelt collection of songs 20yrs in the making which cover the haunting, lingering pains of addiction & love lost but ultimately lead to redemption.

99 Lives Review From: Saving Country Music-

1. 99 Lives
2. The Misery That's Me
3. A Lonely Road
4. Past The Yard
5. My Pain
6. Black Until The Dawn
7. All The While
8. All Or None
9. Forever 'Til The End
10. Never Meant

In Full It Shall Be Paid - 2012

Includes the previously out of print title track, unreleased demos & outtakes from the "99 Lives" & "All By My Lonesome" albums...

1. My Pain (2004)
2. Dyin' Day (2004)
3. Too Late to Pray (2008)
4. Just So Ya' Know (2005)
5. My Wayward Bride (Live 2007)
6. To Cater to Failure (2009)
7. In Full It Shall Be Paid (2009)
8. From the Top of the Stairs (2010)

Naked Live - 2011

12 heartfelt & honest live tracks from 2008-2011... Naked Live is about as close to being there as a live album could hope to achieve.

1. 99 Lives (Live)
2. My Pain (Live)
3. One Last Kiss (Live)
4. You Left Me Here All Lone (Live)
5. Liars Truce (Live)
6. Good for You, Good Riddance & Goodbye (Live)
7. Too Late to Pray (Live)
8. And So It Ends (Live)
9. Bad Girl (Live)
10. Risk the Fall (Live)
11. Just So Ya' Know (Live)
12. Don't Let Teardrops Fill Your Eyes (Live)

Rockin' The Roots! - 2010

A collection of James' classic rockabilly songs & the original, doo-wop version of "Bad Girl".

1. Bettin' On Gone
2. Don't Look Back
3. Rockin' Pretty Mama'
4. Cherry Red
5. Bad Girl
6. Keepin' Score
7. A Long Goodbye

Hatchet Wounds - 7 Deadly Sins - 2012

A Creepy, cool & rockin' collection of original Hatchet Wounds demos from 2004 & 2005 Nicole Pike on vocals & James Hunnicutt on drums.

Misery Seed - Planted

18 heavy, doomy, metal & punk infused songs from the heart that were recorded between 1994-2000 & feature James Hunnicutt on guitar & vocals.

James Hunnicutt Sticker Set

3 Stickers: JH Monogram, WWJHD? and Hunnicutt!

$7 USD includes shipping.

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