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I am a singer/songwriter/musician from Washington State, USA...

I believe that the most powerful & universal languages in humanity are love & music...
I do what I do because I love it. My love for life & music empowers me & I have learned that what I do empowers others from time to time as well & this realization is invaluable in my opinion... It brings an inner wealth along with it that $ & material possessions can't even come close to comparing with...

My philosophy in a nutshell:
Life isn't about what happens to us. It's about how we react to it & we are the ones who make that choice as individuals(blaming other people & situations for a lack of happiness/fulfillment is a waste of time)... Life with all of it's complexity & mystery really comes down to the decision we make to focus on the positives or negatives in life. Attitude is everything. It creates our course of action & ultimately shapes our reality in life. Granted we are human & no one is perfect so, it isn't always easy but, this is the path to happiness should we choose to empower ourselves & choose the positives over the negatives. I take accountability for my own thoughts, actions & life & know that whether or not I am happy & fulfilled ultimately falls on me more than it does anyone else... Do you realize this in your life as it applies to you? What do you choose to harness & bring to fruition in life? The positive or the negative? Yes, life can be hard & things happen that are out of our control sometimes but, what we do with it once it happens is up to us... I choose the positive to the best of my ability & work daily to mold this into the life that I want... I hope you'll join me in doing the same if you haven't figured it out already...

I see so much negativity, complaining, bitching & shit talk here on FB & in everyday life that it pains my heart. I write this(& many of my songs) to cleanse myself from it all & hopefully remind/inspire some of you to do the same... I love all of you(No shit! Because we're ALL Brothers & Sisters!:-)) & hope you all have a wonderful day! If your days don't seem wonderful very often, remember that life is truly what we as individuals choose to make it & start doing what you need to do to change it... No outward pursuit, possession or other person can make YOU happy... Only YOU & I can do that for ourselves. We can share that happiness with one another & help it to grow but, true happiness & love come from within :-)

"In 99 Lives, Hunnicutt creates a circle of wisdom through fearlessly conveying his personal, intimate experiences in life, and by intimating his fears and frailties, and his victories against them. Honesty is the benchmark of all great albums, and 99 Lives’s honesty is unchecked, complimented by the most powerful voice in all of independent country roots."
- The Triggerman - Saving Country Music savingcountrymusic.com

"James Hunnicutt is one of the few artists I know that can take the stage alone and get your strict attention immediately. When James plays music he digs deep and pulls out some kind of hellfire. Hunnicutt's songwriting is compelled by the gray area right between love and pain. That mans voice is almost surreal. He has been pigeonholed as a retro rocker, but that might be one percent of what encapsulates James Hunnicutt. His guitar playing ability and vocal range are in a league of there own. James leaves no stone unturned when he pines for musical inspiration, most of the greats never did. His music style is timeless and so is the man. His writings are honest and are only an extension of his heart and hand.F Hunnicutt is a kind, humble and good natured being. If you are his friend, you are blessed. His depth is infinite and he is just getting warmed up. Only time stands between us and what will be some of the most memorable songs of our generation."
- Darren Dorlarque of Farmageddon Records - farmageddonrecords.com

"The Bob Dylan of your generation"
- Chuck Hughes - Hillbilly Hellcats

"The voice of an angel"
- Unkown

"James Hunnicutt is my Yoda"
- Danielle Colby/Alexandre De Meyer

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